iWIN – Independent Women in Insurance, was formed in 2014. It’s founding aims and objectives were to provide a forum for networking, mentoring and for targeted learning and development; which provides a coherent voice for the interests of all women within the insurance industry. Happily, Diversity and Inclusion are now high on the agendas of enlightened Corporations.

Although named Independent Women in Insurance, iWIN is very much gender inclusive in the need for education and understanding.

Our forum topics are being designed to help young women to acquire knowledge and skills which are relevant to their career progress, enabling them to take control of their personal development.

Our aim is to help to keep your skills and knowledge up to date and prepare you for greater responsibilities- to boost your confidence, strengthen your professional credibility, and help you become more creative in tackling new challenges.

Some of the topics covered previously:

  • Speed Mentoring
  • Digital Disruption in the Insurance Space
  • Using Social Media in Business
  • Women in Strategy and Leadership
  • Interview Skills and Insights
  • The art and value of Networking

The iWIN Committee

Karen Graves - iWIN Chair
Rosemary Beaver
Claire Bowler
Sally Bramall
Katherine Coates
Sian Fisher
Elisah St Hilaire
Professor Paula Jarzabkowski
Olivia Marsh
Gemma Newbury
Suneeta Padda
Barbara Schonhofer